Top 6 tips on creative writing tips

If you would like to become a popular technical writer of a magazine or newspaper, you should write different news stories instead of other articles. When it comes to the feature article or other types of articles, the news articles are time dependent. The audience will expect your stories of real information immediately after the occurrence, event, speech, and anything. 

Many news readers are passionate about knowing good news stories in the real world. When you wish to get the attention of the target audience and general public, your news story must contain any of the following topics. Even though there are several occurrences among the world, you should consider any of these six topics in a news story to grab the attention of several readers.


It is a great feeling that others tell you as an inspiration in their lifetime. Just covering information about an accident, occurrence, or speech of others, you should cover your personal story or another person’s personal story that has been helping someone. If the news writers are covering the real story of some person in their news, it will offer gentle guidance to readers and also help them to overcome all their challenges. At the same time, it will be an encouraging creative writing tip.


There are frequently many achievements fulfilled by the sports persons, media personalities and the people in public service, music lovers, and many more. If you cover your news story with the information of their achievement and success secret, it will be very helpful to the readers to build confidence to do the same in their future.

Recent occurrence:

If you are a fast news story writer, you should immediately collect the information of recent occurrences and sell it on the e-magazines. It will surely get the maximum sale rate if you are giving it as fast as possible.


There are various readers who are frequently searching for the current economy related news in the magazines and newspapers. They would want to be updated with their economic status. To satisfy those kinds of readers, the writers should have to write economy related news stories with the data about the present economic status of their state or country. 

Personal interviews:

You should interview popular personalities in different fields and narrate their interviews in words in your news story. The news article writers can take an interview of famous personalities in public relationships and narrate a story about an interview. It will surely get maximum reach among several audiences.


Most of the news readers are reading newspapers and e-magazines to know about information related to the employment details in various places. When you would like to become a successful news story writer, you should get real data related to the employment opportunities in several fields and briefly describe it. It will be highly beneficial to the readers and at the same time your news article will get great reach among massive numbers of readers. 

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