An ultimate guide to write a perfect feature article

Writing feature articles on a particular topic and becoming a popular technical writer are a dream of many passionate writers. At the same time, the beginners are not familiar with the technical write-ups and how to easily and efficiently write a feature article to get more attention from the audience. Basically, the features and news articles are very popular in today’s magazines, newspapers, and e-magazines. 

Among other types of technical write-ups, composing the feature articles can be very simple if the writers are following the necessary steps. When it comes to the features, you can write an article by doing long term research and you will get more time to finish it whereas the news articles are time dependent. This is because you should deliver news articles immediately after an occurrence or event. Thus, you can easily write the articles about any feature by following successive steps. 

Choose a perfect topic: 

First important thing an article writer must consider is selecting very creative writing tips for his or her feature. Choosing the best topic and putting attractive titles to their articles will be the secrets to grab the attention of massive numbers of readers. 


To write a feature article, you will get long periods because it is not time dependent. So, the technical writers should take their own time to make detailed research by meeting several people and collecting much information. Research on a feature topic mainly has three purposes as follows. It expands and restates your hypothesis. When you are on a wrong track, the research information will direct you to go on the right way of writing features. At the same time, research provides you enough information to create attractive articles and write compelling query letters. The detailed research on your article topic also fills the full length of the article by gathering information through reading, expert resources, and interviews of several audiences. 

Prepare a query letter:

A very good query letter is a key to selling your feature articles to an editor. It actually increases the sales rate. Basically, a query letter must have 5 parts and each has only a single paragraph. The first paragraph is your topic introduction and the second paragraph should focus on the editor’s needs. The third para must briefly describe the important content of the article for the readers. The fourth paragraph has to explain why a writer is uniquely qualified to create this piece of article. Finally, the fifth para should be very short to close your article with an action statement. 

Feed information on computer:

If you are writing a feature article for the e-magazines, you should feel all the information gathered on the computer and write what you have in mind to create a perfect article. You need to highlight some points and make some notes to properly organize your piece of feature for an e-magazine. 

Revise and edit:

The writers should need to revise your written feature article and edit it to release a wonderful feature article that contains coherent information on a particular topic to get the attention of several audiences.

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